12 October


Now all the passions have subsided and we are ready to tell a very important story for our company.


First Saturday in January.


When most of the houses were finishing their fur coats, and it was not appropriate to think about work, a meeting took place at the National Olympic Committee: the EOC’s chief consultant for the European games, piers O’callaghan, representatives of the Directorate, the company Synesis sport, and the head of Soundcafe, Vadim Reshetko.

Fifteen years of experience has taught us the main rule: not to be afraid of problems and effectively solve even the most seemingly unsolvable situations. We are ready to constantly move forward, lead the company and employees to new heights, take on complex projects and perform a large number of priority tasks… On this day, everyone was in their place.

The cooperation agreement was signed.

The most difficult, most interesting, most unpredictable race in the life of our company has begun.

– Hello, Alex…


– Hello, Alex, will we make Games?
“Of course we will!”

Our first conversation with Alexey, who became a right-hand man during the games, was so short and affirmative. It was clear that we could not cope without event support, so we immediately connected a group of friends.

15 venues, 23 sports, Olympic requirements. The best should work. Scrupulous and hourly work began, and dozens of tasks were quickly solved.

The Audience was at the head of our whole idea. He should be happy. He should be interested, it is clear, he should go out with a good mood and a desire to return.

It is worth explaining here what a sports presentation is within the framework of the II European games, which we have been implementing. In a nutshell, a sports presentation is any activity that occurs from the moment a Spectator enters the stands to the moment they leave the sports facility. These are musical screensavers between performances of athletes, visual accompaniment during a sports performance, entertainment of the audience during breaks, video content for familiarization with the rules and history of the sport. The staff for such tasks is large: speakers, presenters, stage managers, producers, Directors, sound engineers, video Directors, lighting engineers, operators…

In General, 15 sites is not so much, but not enough. And we gradually, step by step, began to build what is now called the sports presentation of the second European games. On snow-covered areas tried…


…we tried to find a place for future stands, buildings were unfinished somewhere, something was changed dozens of times and we were told it would happen, but in a different way. Gradually, we grew into a team. We understood that we needed an experienced person from this field…

So we have a team of Lena – a Pro – she was engaged in organizing a sports presentation at the Olympic games in Sochi! Lena brought more professionalism and understanding of what a sports presentation is. With its appearance, our work has become much clearer and clearer. Thanks to Lena, we found experienced producers who came to us literally from all over the world. Europe, Canada, Ukraine, Russia – all these people are the best in their field, they were involved in the Olympic venues and the coolest world sports events.

For 4 months, a huge amount of work was done to create introductory videos and screensavers of disciplines that helped the viewer understand the sport, immerse themselves in it and feel like a part of the show. In two minutes, it was necessary to explain the rules (which sometimes took 40 pages) and the historical background to each visitor in a short but succinct way. All this is in two languages for 23 types of disiplines, with different screen formats on each site, and in some places with a running line, a cube screen and side screens 😅

We made a small house-office, where there was even a recreation room with pink walls . there Was also a room of evil, where people drove out negative emotions. It was important to start working in a good mood. We cordially welcomed every visiting guest to make them feel comfortable with us.

The employees of the National intellectual property Center did not believe that we would do this until recently…

PART 4 …what we will do: we have” cleared ” more than 2000 tracks for the right to use. Never before has music been purified on such a scale, because it was previously purified singly, point-by-point, or written. Unprecedented work has been done to listen to each track and coordinate it with international federations. Without a doubt, this is an innovation for Belarus.

At every step, we were overtaken by nuances, problems, snags, and dilemmas. We have developed immunity to a variety of unexpected and unusual turn of events. We learned to take it easy and decide. For example, in order to shorten the anthem of one of the participating countries, which lasted longer than the required 90 seconds, we had to make a corresponding request to the country’s foreign Ministry. However, the answer came something like this: “This symbol was written for decades, do not dare to shorten a second”:) What to do, it was easier to change the rules of the games (but not much))) than to reduce the anthem by 2 seconds.

It was not easy to find announcers and presenters who speak a foreign language well, understand a particular sport and can hold a stadium. For example, we could not find such people in our country for athletics competitions, again, because of their ownership of the sport. And if you consider that there was a new direction in athletics – DNA, the rules of which were not fully understood even by the athletes themselves, then the search for a specialist can be attributed to super-tasks at all. We Express our gratitude to The international athletics Federation, which agreed to help us.

When we were preparing to work at 15 sports facilities, we realized that we had 500 people involved and that there might be a glitch somewhere during the games. The innovation is to anticipate what will happen when this failure occurs. All the force majors were worked out as much as possible: a mobile group of spare presenters, announcers, producers, and a car with spare equipment. Uninterruptible power supplies were installed everywhere, and mobile teams were on every site that could go out and repair something at any time of the day or night. All this worked, it was useful, it was not superfluous. This time of rapid response was a novelty for us and for others.

A plan was developed for each venue based on the type of sport , location of the venue, and number of guests. For each site there was a separate scenario, the timing of which is painted to the second. (This is important to get to zero time – the time when the broadcast starts on TV). Each site had a team: producer (Director), AVP (Executive producer), announcer, technical Director, sound engineer, DJ, lighting engineer, video engineer, presenter, stage Manager, operator, technicians.

Our feelings before the start …


Our feelings before the start of the games can not be called Olympic calm, of course, there was excitement, but no panic. We lived this project every minute for 4 months, and we knew that every participant lived the same way, we could not fail.

Of course, there were many nuances during the games. European federations of participating countries came, and it was important for each of them how their sport and their country would be represented.

No doubt they often changed the rules with their zeal, but we tried to help and listen to everyone. Some things had to be transformed as the games progressed.

There were cases when the host became ill, then another substitute came. Several times the noise microphones got music with compromising phrases and ( Oh, surprisingly) a person watched the broadcast somewhere in Germany and wrote a complaint… we Had to figure out how it happened, look at the cameras, prove that this is impossible because of the automatic rewinding of the agreed playlist, and in fact, it was an accident when the sound from a portable speaker…

The final…


The final of the athletics competition. dinamo stadium. 20,000 people. The President in the stands, Belarusians in the finalists.. The degree of our pride is exorbitant.

We. This. Made.

Everything worked out.

Happiness and gratitude.
To people.

Just think, the preparation for the OI begins in 10 years, the sports presentation is organized for 2 years. We were able to do this in just 6 months.

Starting with one Director that morning in January, 500 people were accredited before the games started!!!
500 people who performed work under the Soundcafe brand.
500 people found all over the world.
500 people who have lived this project like us. ❤it’s amazing

Surprisingly, each of them did their job with pleasure, We know this because it is possible to achieve such a result only when all employees perform their duties with love. We managed to create an amazing atmosphere in which it is interesting to work. Everyone was a creative person, an individual, but at the same time worked in a team.

One for all and all for one-the anthem of these games, there is no yours and mine, there is a common cause.

These people performed small feats, because it was hard not to sleep, at 3 am to return from the site, and at 5 am to leave for a new one, they did not want to let each other down – this is the main idea and task that we managed to solve.

I want to thank everyone who was with us from the bottom of my heart.

The requirements for our work at the European games are the same as for the sports presentation of the Olympic games. Therefore, we can safely say that we made a small Olympics.

And the big one is ahead of us!

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