04 September

Soundcafe mini

Friends. The success of any large company is created in small steps. Today we are ready to work with the largest sites in the world, but we are no less happy to “close” the technical part of a small celebration.

However, in order not to cause confusion in the work, to be systematic and as organized as possible, we opened the direction of Soundcafe mini.

There are cozy weddings and birthdays, promotions and surprises for your loved ones. Here all the sites are up to 100 people, there are small “dovoz” for painting, here “bring two wigs”. It’s all the same soundcafe, no one has gone anywhere, we are still in the same office and help each other, just so it will become clearer and easier for everyone.

Important. All our employees are experienced and responsible, we do not divide them by the scale of the project, knowing perfectly well that the professionalism of each is just the ability to work out absolutely any event flawlessly.

In a good way!

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